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February 17 2005 - Birth of Sony Magellan 2.0

Added: September 17, 2006
From: thepengman
The Passenger - Iggy Pop & The Stooges october 1977, manchester apollo.

Hi world!

This is a new launch for me, the third one in 2 years, this re-start is an evolution of a project born in 2005; and have offered their technology to activate this blog and an old dream become possible with their help.

This dream that i describe as an exploration into Parallel universes is to create my own material and publish it via web 2.0

Discover Sony Magellan 2.0 through five Blogs in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Dutch.
  • Watch video pictures on label SONY MAGELLAN VIDEO 2.0
  • Listen sound musics on label SOUNDS PASSENGER 2.0
  • Read press releases on label AAA PRESS GOOGLE 2.0
Every day Sony Magellan 2.0 will publish posts and videos with the following labels
  • MONSIEURDELUXEMBOURG 2.0 - about the creative Masculine Universum.
  • MADAMEDELUXEMBOURG 2.0 - about the creative Feminine Universum also.
  • OESTE PASSENGER 2.0 - about city Peniche & Caldas da Rainha in the "Oeste" region of Portugal (80 kms from Lisbon)
  • SUMER VISIONS 2.0 - about History and Geography Database to learn the past and localize the origin of our humanity.
  • AUTOBIOGRAFIUM 2.0 - about personal subjects like Biodiversity, Climate change, Solar and wind energy, but also Philosophy and Numeric Poetry to create a new concept of globalisation respecting the existence of each homo-sapiens living on earth.
  • HAARLEM STRAAT 2.0 - about city Haarlem & Heemstede in the "Noord Holland" region of Nederland (15 kms from Amsterdam)
  • GEO 66 2.0 - about Observation and Exploration of the universe through our dreams manifesto. Quantum Physica, String Theory, Anti Gravitation Theory (M) and Parallel Universes will have their place here also...
  • SPORTS ONLINE 2.0 about sports and all press releases available on web 2.0
  • PROVENCE PASSENGER 2.0 - about city Marignane & Marseille in the "Bouches du Rhone" region of France (900 kms from Paris)
Each of these labels will be published also on:
  • FRANCE PASSENGER 2.0 (in French)
  • PORTUGAL PASSENGER 2.0 (in Portuguese)
  • ESPANA PASSENGER 2.0 (in Spanish)
  • NEDERLAND PASSENGER 2.0 (in Nederlands)
I hope you will enjoy this home entertainment blog to learn some "stuff"...
You will access also to commercials and advertisements about Green Tourism, Accomodations and natural Products trough the links recommended by Sony Magellan 2.0 Numeric Observatorium. See you soon! Carpe diem...